Breast Augmentation Before & After Pictures of Patient 235

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Case Number: 235

This 27-year-old female felt that she had no volume above her bra line. Though her weight had been stable, her breasts had developed some slight sag as she matured. This left some space between her breasts and bra, which bothered her. She wished to have fuller breasts and had long thought about breast augmentation but also wanted to maintain a natural look.


As you can see in her preoperative photograph, a majority of the breast volume was at the lower portion of the breasts. She also developed some asymmetry with some slight sag of the left breast. She underwent a breast augmentation in Albany with placement of 350 cc saline implants in a subpectoral, or behind the muscle, position. Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore overfilled the saline implants to 400 cc to minimize any chance of rippling. He used saline implants because at the time of this augmentation, silicone implants were not available for breast augmentation. The implants have improved the symmetry and provided enhanced fullness above the bra line. On the side view, you can see that she has maintained a natural slope of the breasts. She also has much improved cleavage and is very happy with the result that we have been able to achieve.


Surgeon: Jeffrey Rockmore, MD
Patient Age: 27
Patient Gender: Female


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