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Case Number: 1200


This 49-year-old female was unable to lose the fullness of her belly. She felt that this had always been a problem area for her, and she was prone to gaining weight in this location. Even when she was at her thinnest, her belly had tended to retain some fat, and she wanted to look better both in clothes and out of clothes.


We decided to liposuction on her abdomen and waist to remove the areas of unwanted fat. Though she had some loose skin, she was not interested in a recovery time of a tummy tuck. A power assisted liposuction using the tumescent technique was used to treat these areas. The power assisted system is an advanced type of liposuction that uses a cannula that osculates to suck out the fat. The tumescent technique was used to improve the contour and minimize any bleeding and bruising associated with liposuction. Using these techniques, we were able to nicely contour her belly and waistline. She is very happy with the degree of improvement and felt that her body was much more proportionate now. Her belly will no longer be a problem area for her as the results of liposuction are considered permanent.


Surgeon: Jeffrey Rockmore, MD
Patient Age: 49
Patient Gender: Female


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