Nose Reshaping Before & After Pictures of Patient 1201

Patient Details

Case Number: 1201

This young man was unhappy with the appearance of his nose. He wished to have his nose look more narrow and to remove some of the ethnicity of his nose. At the same time, he wished it to look natural and subtle. He underwent a rhinoplasty, or nasal enhancement, to improve and refine the shape of his nose.


Rhinoplasties are a very individualized procedure. The nose needs to be brought back into balance with the rest of the face while maintaining a natural look. Each rhinoplasty is customized to work in harmony with the other features of an individual’s face. In this case, the bridge of the nose was made more narrow, while the tip was refined. This was done as an outpatient procedure with a 10 day recovery course. We tried to strike the delicate balance of removing some of the ethnicity of his nose while having it work with his other features. He was very happy with the results as was I.


Surgeon: Jeffrey Rockmore, MD
Patient Gender: Male


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