Rockmore Plastic Surgery Is Open Again

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What We Are Doing to Ensure Your Safety

– New measures have been taken to protect the safety of both you and our staff

– Procedures such as Botox and injectables are available

– Virtual consults remain an option if desired

Dr Jeffrey Rockmore wearing PPE

Dr. Rockmore In His PPE

Along with the nice weather, Team Rockmore has received another bit of good news. Our office is now open, and we can’t wait to see all of the familiar faces as well as the new ones to our practice. And nothing would make us happier than to bring a smile to your face after all the stress over the past two months. We will be seeing new patients and doing procedures, but have made some adjustments to protect your safety and that of our staff.

The specifics of the changes will be sent to you in an email prior to your appointment. However, many of them will be described in this blog.  All are requirements and recommendations from New York State officials, the American College of Surgeons, The CDC, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as leaders in our field, and are designed with the utmost safety in mind.

COVID-19 Reopening Safety Steps

  1. All patients will be required to download the Symplast app prior to their appointment. An invitation will be sent to you once the appointment is made.
  2. If you have any recent travel, temperature elevation, or symptoms associated with a possible Covid infection, or have recently been in contact with someone known to be currently symptomatic, please call us beforehand to reschedule your appointment. Every accommodation will be made to help you find a new appointment date after the appropriate time has passed.
  3. Patients will be asked to wait in their car and text us through the curbside check in on the app upon their arrival. This will avoid congregation in the waiting room, as we will be limiting the number of people in the building to allow appropriate social distancing. Patients will not come in contact with one another.
  4. When the room has been thoroughly cleaned as per CDC guidelines, the nurse will text you to come to the front door. Please do not bring any family members or friends with you, as you must enter the building alone.  Also please bring your mask with you, and wear it to your meeting with the nurse. At the door, your temperature will be measured and you will be asked several screening questions.
  5. You will be then brought to your room, where any consultation or treatment will be performed. Your checkout and new appointments will be done in the room as well. You will then be escorted to the front door by the nurse to minimize the chance of crossing paths with any other patient.
  6. The team of Rockmore Plastic Surgery will be wearing appropriate PPE and cleaning all rooms and equipment as per CDC recommendations. We will also be temperature tested on a daily basis and follow a strict protocol if any symptoms develop including remaining out of the office until COVID testing is done and all symptoms resolve. The level of cleanliness in all areas of the office including those not seen by our patients will also follow cdc guidelines. Our office staff will follow social distancing protocols and avoid congregating as well.
  7. Virtual consults will continue to be available as an option instead of coming to the office. We have found these to be quite useful during the shutdown and will plan to offer these moving forward. There is often more flexibility when scheduling these.

While this may seem onerous, it is all viewed from the mindset of your protection and maximizing your safety.  Change is hard for us all, and will significantly reduce the number of patients that we can see in a day. However, we are determined to see everyone in a timely fashion by extending office hours and likely adding in some Saturdays.  I apologize for any inconvenience associated with all these modifications, but with some flexibility among us all, we will continue to be able to provide the level of service and results that you have grown accustomed to.

Please call us to arrange appointments for myself, Brittney, and all of the staff.  We are all looking forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve your goals.

With sincere appreciation,

Jeff Rockmore

12 Responses to Rockmore Plastic Surgery Is Open Again

    • roc-admin says:

      Thank you for your kindness. We are thrilled to be back together doing what we love, and feel lucky for the chance to do so. There are some changes for the safety of our team and patients, but it’s well worth the extra effort.

    • roc-admin says:

      Hi – thanks for asking. Dr. Rockmore performs surgery at two of the outpatient surgery centers in Albany. They are free standing centers owned by the major hospitals but not near them. They provide all of the safety benefits of a hospital operating room (like a board certified anesthesiologist and nursing staff) but none of the drawbacks because they are run independently.

    • roc-admin says:

      We would be happy to set up a consultation for you. Please give us a call at our office 518-328-3330. Thank you

    • roc-admin says:

      This really depends on each patient individually and the specific procedure you are looking to have done. We would be happy to see you for a consultation. Please give our office a call at 518-328-3330. Thank you

    • roc-admin says:

      This depending on the length of the procedure for facility and anesthesia fees along with the surgeon’s fee. We would be happy to set you up with a consultation. Please call our office at 518-328-3330. Thanks

  • Lynn Skiff says:

    dr i fell downstairs due to lanlord neglect i had concusion and my nose iss terriable ent asked if i broke my nose but apparently i did i have devated symptom maybe both sides now usually leffy sfyer fall all on left went to rigjt i developed a bone spur fromm thast and said i have a cyst…i would my whole life wanted a girl nose mine is just need one breast smaller its much larger than the left one i want to be a 32 b again but cant find bras that fit because of large right breast.i dont like big breast.if you see you will understand.this fall is reason i really neeed rhinopladticy.hopefully insurance will cover begging for your help dr. thank you lynn skiff 518 5034007.

    • roc-admin says:

      We would be happy to set up a consultation for you. Please call our office at 518-328-3330.
      Thank you

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