Top Surgery

Gender Affirming Top Surgery

The chest is one of the most outwardly gender identifying features of a person, and for transgender individuals, it can create a significant amount of frustration and discomfort. Breast augmentation and chest masculinization procedures are gender-affirming surgeries that alter the appearance of the chest.

If you are looking to change the shape, size, and overall appearance of your chest, top surgery may be the solution. Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore has performed thousands of breast procedures throughout his 20 year career, and was one of the first surgeons to provide this surgery in his practice. He is proud to offer gender-affirming procedures for patients as they transition.

Top surgery is a highly individualized procedure. There are many techniques and factors to achieve a naturally looking chest you’ve always envisioned. Learn more about your options by scheduling a consultation today.

Dr. Rockmore and his staff were always very helpful, friendly, professional and respectful.

Top Surgery Procedures

Female To Male Top Surgery

Female to male top surgery involves removing breast tissue to create a flat, masculine silhouette. The chest is contoured, and nipples and areola may be rezised or repositioned to achieve a natural looking appearance and shape. FTM top surgery techniques vary for each patient, based on their breast tissue, but procedures typically include the double incision technique or the periareolar procedure.

Male To Female Top Surgery

This surgery involves using silicone implants to create breasts and feminize the chest. While hormone therapy can result in moderate breast development, implants will provide a much more feminine breast shape and size. We have a variety of techniques to enhance feminine curves that will proportionally fit your frame.

Results & Recovery

Healing will continue for several weeks as swelling decreases and the chest shape improves. Follow-up outpatient visits may be scheduled as needed and scars will continue to fade. Dr. Rockmore will review all recovery tips and requirements during your consultation. Patients are typically back to a desk job in 7-10 days.


$7,000 – $8,000

This price range is all-inclusive, of anesthesia, facility, post-op care, and all office and surgeon fees. To learn more about costs associated with this procedure, schedule a consultation today.

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