Eyelid Surgery


Eyelids lose elasticity earlier than the rest of the face, and are often the first area to show the signs of aging. There’s no reason to suffer from wrinkles around the eyelids, sagging or hooding, fat pockets beneath the eyelids, or dark circles.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can restore the youthful look of our eyes and make us look refreshed, without changing the shape of the eye. At Rockmore Plastic Surgery, we have a variety of treatment options that include both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

There are a multitude of options to accomplish your ideal look, and Dr. Rockmore has the precision to individualize each procedure for individual needs. Learn more about the variety of eyelid techniques, and which are ideal for your face, with a consultation.

Eyelid + Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Lower Eyelift

Fat bags are removed and loose skin tightened. In this procedure, a flap of skin and muscle is raised from an incision hidden beneath the eyelashes. It’s often combined with a procedure to anchor the lower eyelid to prevent drooping, called a canthopexy.

Upper Eyelift

As the upper eyelids age, the loose skin sags and creates a loss of eyelid shape. This hanging skin creates eyelid hooding. In this eyelift procedure, excess skin is removed in a hidden crease of the upper eyelid. Dr. Rockmore carefully plans the amount of skin tightening to create a youthful upper eyelid while looking natural and not overly wide. This is often completed in the office under general anesthesia.

Soft-Tissue Fillers + Fat Grafting

This newer technique has become increasingly common. The dark circles that develop below our lower eyelids are often a shadowing effect from the fat bags of age. A soft-tissue filler or your own fat can be used to hide fat bags and remove dark circles without surgery.

Results + Recovery

After eyelid surgery, expect recovery times to be between 7-10 days. During the first 48 hours, a cold compress will be used to reduce swelling and bruising. Stitches remain for 5-6 days and you will sleep with your head elevated. Within 2 weeks, majority of bruising will have diminished.


$2,000 – $6,000

This price range is all-inclusive, of anesthesia, facility, post-op care, and all office and surgeon fees. To learn more about costs associated with this procedure, schedule a consultation today.

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