Quiz: What Types of Breast Implants Might Be Best for Me?

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Breast augmentation allows you to define your own standard of beauty and feel confident in your body. Rockmore Plastic Surgery is here to guide you through the choices ahead, including implant type, size, shape, projection, and placement.

This blog post will focus on the types of implants available. The primary options are silicone breast implants and saline breast implants, each having distinct considerations and advantages.

Silicone vs. Saline Implants

These are some of the key characteristics of silicone and saline breast implants:

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone implants are renowned for their natural look and feel. They provide softness and texture that closely mimics natural breast tissue. With a range of shapes, sizes, and profiles available, silicone implants align with many patients’ aesthetic aspirations.

Saline Breast Implants

While they have a firmer feel than silicone, saline implants are favored by some patients. One reason is safety: In the event of a rupture, the saline solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body. And since saline implants are inserted as a hollow shell and filled with the desired amount of solution once in place, they leave a smaller surgical scar. They’re also typically less expensive than silicone implants.

We’ve created this helpful quiz to help you consider the right breast implant for your needs. Take a few moments to learn about these options through this quiz—it can help inform your discussion with your plastic surgeon.

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Of course, the best way to know which type of breast implant is right for you is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Are you ready to take the next step? Call our office at (518) 328-3330 or request a consultation using our online form.

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