Breast Augmentation for Troy, NY

Whether you’ve wanted larger breasts for years or you’re simply in search of a lasting way to restore fullness after pregnancy or weight loss, breast augmentation by Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore can provide the results you want. Breast augmentation consistently ranks as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country, and its appeal continues to endure.

At his practice in Latham serving Albany, Delmar, and Troy, NY, Dr. Rockmore performs breast augmentation using breast implants to add volume and create results that look and feel natural. Clothes will fit better, and it is no longer a chore to go bathing suit shopping.

Breast Augmentation
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What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is a breast enhancement procedure in which a board-certified plastic surgeon increases the size of your breasts and improves their shape. In most cases, the procedure uses silicone or saline breast implants, but your own fat also can be used to add a modest volume to breasts.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Latham & Troy, NY?

The cost of breast augmentation at our Latham, NY, practice near Albany varies with the choice of implants, specifics of the surgery, and individual patient factors. Patients receive a personalized price quote during their consultation with Dr. Rockmore. Visit our Pricing page for general price ranges.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Surgical breast augmentation is a great choice for many women who choose the procedure for myriad reasons, including:

  • Adding volume to naturally small breasts or breasts that have lost mass after pregnancy
  • Balancing breasts that are asymmetrical
  • Feeling more confident in their favorite clothes or during intimacy
  • Harmonizing the size of the breasts with the rest of the body to correct the shape of tubular breasts

During your consultation with Dr. Rockmore, he talks to you extensively about your motivations for undergoing surgery. Understanding each patient as an individual enables him to create more satisfying results that are unique to the desires of each woman. He also performs a physical examination and discusses your health history with you to ensure that breast augmentation is the safest and most effective choice for your needs.

Can I Combine My Breast Augmentation With Other Procedures?

Dr. Rockmore may recommend incorporating a breast lift into your breast augmentation surgery if you have sagging and would like your breasts to sit higher on your chest. Another option is including breast augmentation with a tummy tuck and liposuction in a comprehensive mommy makeover.

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Customizing Your Breast Augmentation

Each breast augmentation is completely individualized, and Dr. Rockmore uses a 3-dimensional approach for consistently beautiful and natural-looking breasts. There are more implants available than ever before, allowing him to customize each procedure.

Breast Implant Size & Shape

Breast implants come in many sizes and shapes, and choosing the right implant is a source of concern and anxiety among many women. While many doctors and websites focus solely on implant volume, Dr. Rockmore offers a different approach to implant selection to help create the look that you are hoping to achieve. This enables him to match the width of the implant to the width of your chest and breasts, preventing excess space between the breasts for full and natural-looking results.

Breast Implant Material

In the hands of a qualified plastic surgery specialist, such as Dr. Rockmore, both saline- and silicone-filled implants are safe and have the potential to create incredible results.

  • Saline implants are made of silicone shells filled with sterile salt water and typically require smaller incisions than silicone implants.
  • Silicone implants have durable silicone shells that are filled with a gel of various degrees of cohesiveness. The most cohesive implants are often referred to as “gummy bear” breast implants. Cohesive silicone gel sticks together and does not leave the breast pocket if a rupture occurs.

Both saline and silicone implants are FDA-approved—saline for women older than 18 and silicone for women older than 22. However, most women considering breast implants find themselves drawn to one over the other.

Breast Implant Profile

This refers to the degree that implants stick out, or project, from the chest. Although it may seem straightforward, projection actually has more to do with your existing anatomy and your desired results. The choice of profile is determined by the desired look of the breasts. Higher profile implants have more upper fullness and look more “implanted,” while moderate profile implants can look more natural, making them better matches for women with larger frames and wider chests.

  • Experience performing more than 4,000 breast procedures
  • A 3-dimensional approach that achieves consistently beautiful and natural-looking breasts
  • An individualized  breast augmentation to meet your unique needs

Breast Augmentation Incisions

Dr. Rockmore begins the surgery by making an incision, and the area will depend on your specific needs and body. Common incision locations include:

  • Inframammary: a thin line that traces the fold beneath your breast
  • Periareolar: along the lower border of the areola, where the dark skin meets the lighter skin
  • Transaxillary: hidden in the armpit

Each incision type comes with its own advantages. In your consultation, Dr. Rockmore works with you to help you decide which option is best for you and your body.

Breast Implant Placement

Once he makes the incision, Dr. Rockmore creates a pocket where the implant will be placed. There are 3 types of pockets that are used for breast augmentation:

  • Subglandular: above the muscle
  • Submuscular: behind the pectoralis muscle
  • Biplanar: a combination of each

Each pocket type has its advantages, and Dr. Rockmore will recommend the pocket that fits your individual needs. For most women, this is a submuscular pocket, which provides a natural slope of the breast and provides additional coverage of the implant. If there is some slight sagging of the breast, a biplanar approach may avoid the need for a lift. Dr. Rockmore will help guide you through this process during your initial consultation.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Dr. Rockmore often uses fat grafts to restore volume to the breast. This can be done in conjunction with a breast lift or implants or alone. There is a limitation to how much volume can be added with fat transfer to achieve a predictable result. For those who want a larger increase in their breast size, implants are typically a better solution. Implants are more predictable because they don’t present the resorption issues that come with fat transfer. However, implants don’t last forever, so there are trade-offs. 

What Is Breast Augmentation Recovery Like?

You can expect to feel some discomfort and grogginess immediately after your breast augmentation with Dr. Rockmore. Because the surgery is an outpatient procedure, you’ll be able to return home after a brief period of observation.

The initial recovery timeline typically aligns with the following milestones:

  • Day 1 – Most patients can shower the day after surgery if they are careful not to get the incision site too wet (sponge baths may be recommended in some cases).
  • Days 2 & 3 – If you’re comfortable and no longer taking prescription medication, you should be able to resume driving within 72 hours of your procedure.
  • Days 3-5 – Swelling, tightness, and soreness tend to peak during this period, but any discomfort is usually easily remedied with over-the-counter medicine.
  • Day 7 – Most patients feel well enough to return to work, school, and other light activities by this point. You will have your first postoperative appointment a week after your surgery to make sure that your healing is progressing as planned.
  • Weeks 2-4 – You should be able to resume most strenuous activities during this time. Restrictions on lifting objects and moving your arms above shoulder height may also be eased.

Additional follow-up visits are scheduled for 8 weeks and 6 months after your procedure, though this timeline can be adjusted for patients traveling from a distance. While this is the usual schedule, Dr. Rockmore is happy to see you at any time during your recovery to answer questions or address concerns.

Dr. Rockmore provides you with a comfortable surgical bra to wear continuously after surgery for the first couple of weeks. This compression garment supports your breasts as they continue to heal and helps to minimize swelling. Although your breasts will likely feel sensitive for some time, you may gradually return to more vigorous activities, including working out, over the next several weeks.

As months pass, your augmented breasts will soften and settle into their final positions and your scars will fade, eventually developing into the beautiful, natural-looking results you envisioned.

Women considering breast augmentation with implants travel from Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, and throughout New York to have Dr. Rockmore perform their procedures. You can request a consultation using the online form to meet with him or call our office at  (518) 328-3330 to schedule an appointment.

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Breast Augmentation FAQ

What will my scars look like?

It depends on the incision used during your procedure. Dr. Rockmore is mindful of his patients’ concerns about scarring. Breast augmentation incisions may be made under the arm, in the fold beneath the breast, or around the areola. In any case, Dr. Rockmore makes these incisions meticulously to ensure they heal well. Patients can do their part to encourage healthy healing by following his incision-care instructions after surgery.

Is breastfeeding possible after breast augmentation?

Yes. The techniques Dr. Rockmore uses ensure a high likelihood of successful breastfeeding. Additionally, the presence of implants doesn’t hinder milk production. Breast augmentation is popular with young women who haven’t yet had children; just be sure to let Dr. Rockmore know if you plan to breastfeed in the future.

If my breasts sag, is it really necessary to have a lift along with my augmentation?

It depends on the degree of sagging you’re experiencing. Slight sagging can be reduced with breast augmentation alone, but more significant sagging may actually get worse once implants are introduced. The extra weight added by implants can make the breasts sag prematurely and lead to aesthetic complications.

During your consultation, Dr. Rockmore helps you understand if a combined breast augmentation and lift is in your best interest.

I’ve heard that implants need time to “drop.” What does that mean?

“Dropping” or “drop and fluff” refers to the process of the muscles and tissues surrounding the implants softening and relaxing, allowing the breasts to take on a more natural appearance. Immediately after surgery, implants may appear high and tight on the chest. Over time, the body acclimates to the implants, and skin and muscle stretch to accommodate them. As this happens, the implants assume a slightly lower and more natural-looking position. The shape of the breasts is also improved as swelling subsides. This is a gradual process and can take several months to complete.

Is breast augmentation surgery safe?

When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, breast augmentation is a relatively low-risk procedure. Potential complications, while rare, include infection, implant rupture, and capsular contracture. Dr. Rockmore and his surgical team take every precaution to keep your risk of complication very low.

Will I eventually have to replace my breast implants?

It is likely that you will need to replace your implants at some point in the future, typically after about 15 years. Breast augmentation revision gives you the opportunity to make sure your results remain aligned with your body shape and goals over the years.

Is breast surgery painful?

Breast augmentation surgery is generally well-tolerated. Most women describe a feeling of tightness and soreness following the procedure but typically describe any pain as mild and easily manageable.

Will my results look natural?

Dr. Rockmore takes great care to produce beautiful results—whether you want a subtler, natural enhancement or a major revamp.

Your preferences for the implants’ size, shape, material, and projection influence how “natural” your breasts will look. Rest assured, no matter your aesthetic goals, Dr. Rockmore will work closely with you to create the most flattering results.

What if I decide that I want to remove my breast implants later?

Whether you want to swap your implants for a different size or material, exchange them for a newer pair, or simply want to remove them altogether, breast augmentation revision surgery gives you the flexibility to update your breast augmentation results at any time.