In the Capital District of Albany and Upstate New York, there is a diversity of plastic surgeons that patients can choose from. Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore is popular because of his rare combination of qualities — refined surgical skills, aesthetic sense, and a caring personality. Many patients are referred by friends or physicians who have experienced the quality of his results. This page shares just a small sample of the many glowing testimonials Dr. Rockmore has received.

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore approaches plastic surgery with precision and artistic vision to reveal each patient’s unique beauty. To get started, request a consultation using his online form or call his office at  (518) 328-3330.

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“I am extremely happy with the results of my breast augmentation and nipple repair with Dr. Rockmore. He listened to exactly what I wanted and what I expected from the procedures, and I have to say they turned out just perfect for me. I am extremely pleased with my experience all around.”

“Dr. Rockmore and his staff were always very helpful, friendly, professional and respectful. Very nice results from my surgery. Very happy and would recommend to other folks seeking top surgery.”

“I am pleased with my facelift and eyelid surgery by Dr. Rockmore. The process was done exactly as he described during the post surgery healing process, which included several office visits to track progress. I will return to Dr. Rockmore again.”

“I have had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Rockmore. I am very happy with the results from my Mommy Makeover. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease. His staff is excellent also. I will recommend him to my family and friends.”

“I am so pleased with your results – you have changed my life for the better!”

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done. You not only helped me look better, but helped me feel better about myself. I will always be grateful. You truly are a gifted person!”

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the great job you did on my reconstructive surgery.

It gave me the courage to do something I have always wanted to do – run for judge.”

“I wanted to thank you for letting me in to your busy schedule. You and your staff are very professional and took care of my problem so quickly and efficiently. I feel so much better not having to worry about it anymore. Thank you again.”

“We thank you for your good care of John – good job – but also for extending the courtesy of writing the Aldara script for me. Much appreciated! Your staff also are to be commended for their T.L.C! Enjoy summer, with loving best wishes.”

“Rich and I really appreciate your efforts in helping me. We respect your opinions, expertise, and are thankful for your guidance. Thank you!”

“Dr. Rockmore is one of the finest plastic surgeons with extraordinary talent I have ever met. He uses science and art to achieve phenomenal results. His untouched photographs speak for themselves. He knows exactly what it takes to sculpt a body naturally. I am a 32-year-old female and have been a patient of Dr. Rockmore for three years. I have entrusted Dr. Rockmore’s exceptional skills to restore my face and body to a younger natural healthy appearance. Dr. Rockmore has performed several procedures on me that include a breast augment as well Botox injections to my face.

Dr. Rockmore is very honest and matter of fact. He listened to and respected my questions and concerns. He put any fear and anxiety I had about my breast augment to rest. The quality of my care before and after surgery has been impeccable. He is a class act. He also has one of the finest office staff a doctor could find. They are so professional and knowledgeable and work very hard to accommodate his patient needs. Dr. Rockmore and his staff always make time for you no matter how busy they are.

My breast augmentation had very minimal pain and down time. My results were absolutely amazing. I had no doubt that Dr. Rockmore would make my breast be in proportion with my body. His expertise in knowing what size to make me was very comforting. Dr. Rockmore never encouraged me to go bigger, but was more concerned with having them look natural. I had a great experience with the surgery and had minimal pain and virtually no scaring. My breasts are beautiful and my confidence with myself has been restored.

Dr. Rockmore is the most skillful injector I have known. He is current and on top of all the latest advancements in fillers and Botox. His specific Botox placement has dramatically improved the aging around my eyes and forehead. I look fresher and younger and still have expression in my face.

Finally he should be credited for having his own skin care center with the newest technologies in skin care and products to help you achieve and keep your skin looking its very best.

I believe that with Dr. Rockmore’s superb skills as a surgeon I will be staying naturally young through the years. Confidence is truly beautiful. I knew well before my very first consultation was over, that I wanted this phenomenal doctor to be my doctor for life. Great results from a great doctor. Thank you Dr. Rockmore for helping me feel confident about myself. You truly are in a league of your own.”

“Dr. Rockmore was recommended by a friend of mine after I had checked out many other doctors. The minute I met him I knew he was the doctor for me. He is HONEST, trustworthy, friendly (very important), and knowledgeable. I have used Dr. Rockmore for both medical and cosmetic procedures. I consider him the best in the region!!!!! “

“I think that Dr. Rockmore and the nurses here are wonderful. They have been very supportive and kind, I would recommend the Plastic Surgery Group to anyone.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rockmore for years and intend to be a patient. Breast cancer survivors know his name very well. He has an innate compassion, skill and expertise that is born of education, skill and character. I am so fortunate to have been recommended to you.”

– A Breast cancer survivor

“Dear Dr. Rockmore, Special people like you make the world a brighter place. You sure know how to make a lady smile! Thanks so much for putting me back together!!”

“Hey Doc you are the best! So is your staff!”

“I just want to say how much I enjoyed being a patient of Dr. Rockmore. I first came to his office 2 years ago looking for a face lift, but soon found out I had breast cancer. I immediately became depressed and angry. Without his nurses and office staff, I would have sunk to an all time low! Instead, I had the opportunity to meet some great people who put up with my awkward and embarrassing outbursts.

Above all, I owe my “new and improved” outlook on life to one great guy and surgeon. My over-the-top attitude may have even ‘softened’ a little because of Dr. Rockmore. I will truly miss all of you. If I ever have a need for more renovating and lifting, I’ll be in touch.”