Albany Surgeon Explores Rise of Post-Pregnancy ‘Mommy Makeovers’

Rockmore Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore says he’s seen more patients in Albany wanting the combination breast-and-body surgeries, reflecting a national trend.

Albany, New York (August 2015) — Combining cosmetic breast and body contouring surgeries as part of a “mommy makeover” is more common than ever, according to Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore (, a plastic surgeon in Albany who says more women seem to be realizing the potential of this surgery after having children.

“A lot of the changes that happen to a woman’s body with pregnancy can’t be reversed with diet and exercise alone, and that can be frustrating for someone who takes pride in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle,” Dr. Rockmore says. “Surgery can help women put the finishing touches on their efforts.”

Mommy makeover procedures typically include body contouring and a breast lift with or without breast augmentation, the Albany plastic surgeon says.

Many patients get abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess skin that’s been stretched by pregnancy. Liposuction is often used to fine-tune the results and contour the hips and waist.

“Few women, especially after multiple pregnancies, can regain a flat abdomen no matter how many crunches they do — crunches won’t tighten stretched skin,” Dr. Rockmore says. “And abdominal muscles separated during pregnancy can only be repaired with a tummy tuck.

A mommy makeover combines all these procedures into a single operation, which Dr. Rockmore says has been beneficial for his Albany, NY patients because it’s more convenient and cost-effective than having separate surgeries.

The increased interest in mommy makeover surgery seems to be a nationwide trend, explored in a recent article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®.

“To meet patient desires for maximal results, minimized downtime, and controlled costs,” the article says, “surgeons armed with advances in technique and patient care routinely consider combined postpartum body contouring procedures.”

Overall, Dr. Rockmore says, the mommy makeover is a transformative procedure that can have a wonderful effect on a mother’s self-confidence.

“These patients want to feel good about their bodies again,” the board-certified surgeon says. “In many cases, they have put their family first for years, raising children, and are now ready to do something for themselves.”

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