A Note From Dr. Rockmore During COVID-19 Uncertainty

Rockmore Plastic Surgery
  • Office currently CLOSED but will reopen when allowed by governmental officials
  • We are rescheduling patients with appointments for office visits or surgery scheduled within the next week
  • We are making appointments and rescheduling one month from now
  • Further adjustments may be necessary
  • The blog will serve as best resource for updates

It feels strange to be writing this blog as the snow melts outside when a few short days ago, it felt like spring was here or near. It’s similar to how quickly life has changed for us all with the onset of COVID-19. Much like the change of seasons, life after COVID will return, and we will feel the bounce that spring brings to our step. Some years spring comes early, and some years it may come later, but inevitably spring and summer comes to us all.

As you can relate, trying to maintain a schedule during uncertainty is a challenge. Much like public parks, sports fields, golf courses, and yes, eventually pools, we are never sure when the weather will permit their opening, but we know that it will happen.

Our plastic surgery practice in Latham near Albany is no different. When deemed safe by our local, state, and federal officials, Rockmore Plastic Surgery will be ready to open its doors and provide care to you in the manner that you’ve grown to expect—with kindness, caring, and compassion. Our team looks forward to that day and truly appreciates your understanding during this time.

I would direct you to our blog as the best source of updates and information. We will be open and honest as always, with a leaning toward your safety and well-being, but also with the goal of meeting your needs. (For more COVID-19 updates and information about protecting you and your loved ones, please visit the Centers for Disease Control.)

For the current time, this means that we will have to reschedule many of your existing appointments for surgery and office visits. We are planning to reschedule them for one month from now. Those of you with existing appointments more than a month from now will be unaffected. Those of you with scheduled appointments between now and then will be contacted, and we will find new times to accommodate you. We will all have to be mindful that further reschedules are possible, and I beg for your patience with this. If it turns out that we are able to open earlier, then we will happily adjust accordingly.

Again, I thank you for your understanding and continued support and ask that you follow the blog for updates. I, along with all of us at Rockmore Plastic Surgery, look forward to the change of seasons and the end of the COVID-19 effects and hope for both to be sooner rather than later.

Health and safety to all of you and your loved ones,
Jeff Rockmore and the team of Rockmore Plastic Surgery

6 Responses to A Note From Dr. Rockmore During COVID-19 Uncertainty

  • Melissa D says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and your amazing staff as soon as the pandemic is over. Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Megan DeMagistris says:

    Good afternoon, hope everyone is healthy and safe. I was wondering if you are scheduling botox appts in the future for when you open back up? If so, can I schedule an Appt please. Thank in advance for all your help.

    Thank you,
    Megan DeMagistris

    • roc-admin says:

      Thank you. We hope you are staying safe as well. If you are interested please call our office at 518-328-3330. Thanks

  • Kelly Kennedy says:

    I had a consultation with Doctor Rockmore before the pandemic but never scheduled a surgery date. I was wondering when the doctor will be resuming surgeries so that I can consider a possible date for myself.

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