Your Guide to Breast Augmentation & More: Which Enhancement Surgery Is Right for You?

Types of breast enhancement surgeries in Latham, NY.

When we hear the term “boob job,” we typically think of breast implants designed to make the breasts appear bigger and rounder. But there’s much more to breast surgery than that. At my plastic surgery practice near Albany, breast augmentation is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to breast enhancement.

You can rest assured that no matter what your goal for your breasts may be, there’s a safe and effective way to achieve it. In this blog post, I’ll review the most popular breast enhancement surgeries to help you understand which solution may be the perfect fit for you.

Types of Breast Enhancement Surgeries

While breast enhancement surgeries are always customizable, they typically fall under one of the following procedure umbrellas.

Breast Lift

By removing excess skin and repositioning breast tissues, a breast lift does exactly what the name implies: It lifts the breasts to sit higher on the chest for a more youthful and “perky” look.

Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world according to The Aesthetic Society, breast augmentation adds volume and size to the breasts through the placement of silicone or saline breast implants.

Breast Lift With Implants

This surgery removes excess skin and repositions existing breast tissue before placing a silicone or saline implant in the breast. This creates fuller and more lifted breasts, providing double the results without adding extra recovery time.

  • Cost: Varies per person
  • Recovery: 1 to 2 weeks

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction removes excess breast tissue to bring the breasts into proportion with the rest of the body. Depending on your goals, it may also include areola resizing and the correction of breast asymmetry.

Breast Revision

This secondary procedure revises the results of a previous breast augmentation. Breast revision changes to fit your needs, but it typically includes an exchange of implants, removal of implants, or repositioning of the tissues surrounding your implants.

Which Breast Enhancement Surgery Is Right for You?

Many women know what they want to improve about their bodies but aren’t sure which procedure is the best way to do so. If this is the case for you, it may be helpful to start with your concern and explore possible solutions from there.

Sagging or Drooping

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • Breastfeeding left you with stretched skin and droopier, more elongated breasts than you used to have.
  • Your weight loss victory doesn’t feel complete with your currently empty or deflated breasts.
  • You’ve noticed gradual sagging as gravity and aging have taken their toll over time.

If so, your best solution is a breast lift.

Small Size

Women with little natural breast tissue often face many of the same concerns:

  • You don’t believe your breasts match the rest of your frame.
  • You struggle to “fill out” low-cut tops or swimsuits.
  • You don’t feel as feminine or curvaceous as you would like to.

If these concerns resonate with you, your best solution is breast augmentation.

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry may look like either of the following:

  • You would like to increase the size of one of your breasts to match the other.
  • You would like to decrease the size of one of your breasts to match the other.

Your best solution is either breast augmentation (size increase) or a breast reduction (size decrease).

Lost Volume and Sagging

If you’re struggling with lost volume and sagging, these statements are likely true for you:

  • Changes in your body over time have left you with both smaller breasts and a droopier shape than you used to have.
  • You’re in search of a size and position boost, either to bring back the volume and perkiness you once had or even add a bit more.
  • Both a breast augmentation and a breast lift sound appealing to you, but you’d rather not undergo 2 separate surgeries.

You need a procedure that can tackle both of your concerns in one go. Your best solution is a breast lift with implants. Learn more about combining a breast lift with implants in this blog post.

Overly Large Breasts

How many of the following are true for you?

  • You deal with chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain.
  • Your bra straps dig into your shoulders and cause grooves.
  • You have difficulty exercising comfortably.
  • You struggle to find tops that fit and flatter your upper half.

If one or more of these issues strike a chord with you, disproportionately large breasts may be to blame. Your best solution is breast reduction.

Compromised Breast Augmentation Results

While uncommon, some women experience complications after an initial breast surgery, including:

  • Implant rupture
  • “Double bubble” implant shifting
  • Rippling

Some women also simply have a change of heart and want to adjust the results of their previous surgery to reflect their current body shape, lifestyle, and goals.

If these are true for you, your best solution is a breast augmentation revision.

Making the Choice

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to make this decision on your own. Consulting one-on-one with a board-certified plastic surgeon is always the best way to understand which breast surgery will help you achieve your dream body.

If you would like to meet with me to discuss your breast enhancement options at my Latham, NY, practice, I’d be happy to provide personalized recommendations. Please request a consultation online or call (518) 328-3330 to get in touch.

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