Surgeon Says New Breast Implant Shapes Mean More Custom Results

Rockmore Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore, a plastic surgeon in Albany, discusses the recent FDA approval of new implant styles, and the trend of breast augmentation customization.

Albany, New York (October 2014) — According to Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore (, a plastic surgeon in Albany, New York, the latest round of FDA approvals of breast implants is part of a growing trend toward highly customized breast augmentation options.

“Plastic surgery patients have never before had this level of customization,” Dr. Rockmore says. “It’s a really exciting time for me as a surgeon, but it’s even more exciting for patients. Women who are interested in breast reconstruction or breast augmentation can fine-tune their results with more options for height, width, and projection of implants.”

In September, the FDA approved 4 new styles of breast implants from MENTOR®, one of the top U.S. manufacturers, for breast augmentation and reconstruction patients. The styles are variations on silicone implants from the company’s popular MemoryShape® line, which have a teardrop shape to mimic the look of a natural breast.

“I’ve been using the MENTOR implants for years,” Dr. Rockmore says, “and they are extremely popular among my patients. There are so many different options in the product line that there’s a good fit for nearly everyone who comes in for a consultation. The breadth of choices allows us to visualize results in three dimensions, so patients get the look they hope to achieve. We also offer the Natrelle® Collection of breast implants, which provides another resource for customizing results.”

Dr. Rockmore says breast augmentation is the most popular procedure at his Albany plastic surgery practice, which offers a range of treatments for the face and body. Nationwide, about 300,000 women get the surgery each year, according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

One of the factors for the procedure’s ongoing popularity is the rise of “gummy bear” implants, he says. These are made of a special kind of form-stable silicone – with a consistency similar to a gummy bear candy. It also creates a very natural look and feel, which appeals to both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction patients.

“The gummy bear implants were an important step in the evolution of breast augmentation because of the highly cohesive nature of the fill material,” Dr. Rockmore says. “These implants hold their shape no matter what; the gel doesn’t ooze or migrate even when the implant is punctured or cut.” The latest generation of silicone gel implants comes in both round and shaped varieties, including the Mentor MemoryShape line.

He says all this has led to a “culture of customization” at his Albany practice.

“Each breast augmentation patient — whether she’s looking for a subtle, natural-looking boost or a really dramatic transformation — can find an implant that’s just right for her needs.”

Dr. Rockmore strives for perfection in every procedure he performs. To talk with him about your aesthetic goals, request a free consultation using his online form or call his office in Albany, New York, at (518) 328-3330.