A Look at 2018’s Cosmetic Trends: Breast Augmentation Stays on Top

More Americans are taking advantage of cosmetic procedures than ever before, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ newly released 2018 plastic surgery statistics report. The numbers are in and they show an increase in the popularity of cosmetic treatments across the board. Breast augmentation, one of the top procedures here at my Troy, NY, practice, was the most popular surgery in the country once again, with hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S. choosing to improve their lives with this procedure every year.

Thanks to a changing attitude around the idea of plastic surgery and a growing selection of procedures available, more and more people are discovering the difference cosmetic treatments can make in their lives and in the way they feel about themselves.

A Look at the Numbers

When it comes to the popularity of specific procedures, breast augmentation took the top spot once again, with 313,735 surgeries performed in 2018. Liposuction was next with 258,558, followed by rhinoplasty with 213,780.

Over the last 18 years, breast augmentation popularity has jumped 48%, while cosmetic procedure popularity as a whole has increased by 168%. This proves that cosmetic treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical, are becoming an increasingly popular choice for men and women who want to look and feel their best—and that new people are finding ways to take advantage of cosmetic surgery every year.

Why Plastic Surgery Popularity Is Growing

Where is this increase in popularity coming from? There are several probable causes. Growing transparency around plastic surgery on celebrity social media accounts has likely helped break down the aura of mystery—and fear—once associated with cosmetic treatments.

Significantly more surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedure options are available today than there were in years past, and this may be one reason for the growth. These new procedures provide patients with more options when it comes to improving their appearance, so patients can now find solutions that didn’t exist before.

The Power of Breast Augmentation

It came as no surprise to me that breast augmentation remained on top in this year’s report. It’s by far one of the most popular procedures I perform, and I’ve seen firsthand the difference it can make in a woman’s life.

Breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure that allows surgeons to create ideal solutions for each patient. I have performed more than 2,000 breast procedures in my 20 years of experience—and no 2 cases have been the same. Results created through artistic vision and close collaboration help patients feel more feminine and confident. It’s what makes breast augmentation such a popular choice across the country, and it’s why I love being able to provide my patients with exceptional results.

If you’re one of the many women considering breast augmentation, you can learn more by reviewing our treatment guide. If you’re ready to take the next step, please contact us online or call (518) 328-3330 to request a consultation.

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