Celebrities As a Reference for Plastic Surgery: What You Need to Know

Angelina Jolie’s lips. Matt Bomer’s jawline. Kylie Jenner’s butt. They’re iconic, and we all know what they look like. Given that common point of reference, it’s no surprise that patients looking for a plastic surgeon in Albany, NY mention celebrities when they describe their ideal results.

While this practice can be helpful (and is even recommended prior to scheduling a consultation for plastic surgery), it can be fraught with pitfalls if you are expecting to look just like your favorite pop culture icon.

The Ivanka Trump Effect

Perhaps the latest example of a celebrity look that plastic surgery patients in Albany want to recreate is Ivanka Trump. Politics aside, there’s no denying that her classic features are the envy of many. It’s not uncommon for patients wanting to emulate her curves to consider getting a breast augmentation, while patients looking for more definition in the cheeks request JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC. Ivanka’s constant presence in the media has definitely started a trend.

Why You Should Be Cautious

Here are some things that I recommend taking into consideration when you are using an A-lister’s look as inspiration:

  • Here one day, gone the next. Celebrities seem to pop out of nowhere and are suddenly in the media 24/7. Remember that they can fade from relevance just as quickly. While you may want to look exactly like Ivanka Trump or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson now, can you be sure that you’ll always feel that way? Plastic surgery is a long-term commitment, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Trends change. Your body is more permanent. Just like with celebrities, aesthetic trends can come and go very quickly. Exaggerated lips and Kardashian-like curves may be all the rage now, but you should consider if such a drastic, trendy look will also have longevity for you later down the road.
  • Your face and body matter. While a board-certified surgeon like myself can help you achieve the physical appearance you’ve always wanted, every body is unique. That means your innate physical attributes do put a limit on just how closely we can mimic a celebrity’s look.

How to Make the Most of Celebrity Photos

With that being said, bringing celebrity photos to your plastic surgery consultation can be very beneficial because it helps you and your surgeon arrive at a clear consensus about what you really want. Here are my tips for getting the most value out of them:

  • Be realistic. A board-certified plastic surgeon can achieve dramatic results — within your body frame and facial structure. Come in with realistic expectations of what outcomes you can expect from a procedure. A great way to do this is to look at before-and-after photos of patients whose “before” photos match your body type. That gives you a clear sense of both the surgeon’s ability and the kind of results you can expect.
  • Be specific. What exactly is it about a particular celebrity that you want to mimic? Is it Emma Stone’s nose — or her youthful, wide eyes? These details will help your surgeon decide which procedure or procedures will give you the best, most natural-looking outcome.

The biggest A-listers will always influence plastic surgery trends, and I find that using them as a reference is very useful during consultations. My end goal is always the result that enhances a patient’s natural features.

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