Don’t Mom-Shame the Mommy Makeover

Don't Mom-Shame the Mommy Makeover

When I talk to potential mommy makeover patients, “mom-shaming” is one of the biggest hesitations they bring up around having plastic surgery. They worry naysayers across social media will discredit them for taking the “easy way out” when it comes to looking and feeling better after baby.

What is mom-shaming? It occurs when people push the idea that getting back to a pre-baby body is simply a matter of dedication to diet and exercise with a focus on weight loss. The truth is, motherhood brings about certain changes to the body that can’t be fixed by even the strictest health regimen.

That’s where plastic surgery can come in and play a positive transformational role.

What Mommy Makeovers Do

As I mentioned in my previous post about mommy makeover myths, this surgery isn’t predominantly intended to help with weight loss. It’s a procedure or combination of procedures designed to address concerns the gym simply can’t solve, such as:

  • Sagging skin
  • Deflated breasts
  • Separated abdominal muscles
  • Disproportional areas of fat

Surgical approaches such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation or reduction are generally a highly effective way to reverse physical changes caused by pregnancy.

The suggestion that mommy makeovers are a “quick fix” and can take the place of a healthy lifestyle isn’t true. I encourage my patients to celebrate their decisions and to use the physical transformation created by plastic surgery as motivation to continue exercising and eating right.

Shut Down Shaming

I’d like to close with some advice for moms considering a mommy makeover on how to rise above shaming and take pride in their decision.

Be Prepared for Haters

People who haven’t had children of their own just can’t understand the reality of living in a post-pregnancy body.  It’s a common catch-all to tout diet and exercise as the solution to every aesthetic concern, but motherhood is a major process with significant impacts on the body that are irreversible without medical intervention. In the end, only you know what it’s like to live in your body and you deserve to feel amazing in it. You should feel nothing but excitement as you make the choice to do exactly that.

Surround Yourself with Support

If you decide to listen to feedback from anyone, listen to the people who truly have your best interests in mind. The people who care about you most will want you to be happy, healthy and totally in love with the skin you’re in. But most importantly, they will cheer you on as you make investments in your confidence and understand that a mommy makeover is simply a way to take back your body and feel like a million bucks.

Take a look at our before-and-after photo gallery to see the powerful transformation a mommy makeover can deliver. If you want to learn more about mommy makeovers or are ready to take the next step, please contact us to request a consultation. You can also call us at (518) 328-3330 to schedule an appointment.

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