How Tummy Tuck Drains Help You Heal

How Tummy Tuck Drains Help You Heal in Albany, NY

If you’re like my tummy tuck patients in Troy, NY, you may have questions and concerns about surgical drains. It’s important to know you’re not alone in feeling anxious about this aspect of recovery. Drains are designed to help your body heal quickly and safely. Knowing how they work and what to expect is a great way to feel more at ease about having them in place for the first week or so after your surgery.

In this blog post, I’ll share some insight into what drains do, what caring for them is like, and why they’re essential to a speedy and healthy recovery.

How Do Drains Help During Recovery?

After a tummy tuck, fluid can build up under the skin at the surgical site and can form a seroma, which increases your risk for complications such as infection, swelling, and discomfort. Drains greatly lower the likelihood of this occurring.

Surgical drains are small tubes with bulbs attached at the ends. They extend from incisions in the abdomen and allow fluid to leave the body, facilitating a safe and comfortable recovery. A positive healing process is essential for achieving the best possible results. Learn why in this blog post.

Caring for Your Drains

I’ll give you detailed instructions on emptying and cleaning your drains when I send you home after surgery. You’ll likely need to do this a few times a day while they’re in place, and I may ask you to monitor how quickly the drains fill, so I can keep track of your healing process. Before you handle your drains, you should thoroughly wash your hands to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

If a drain starts to come out or gets clogged, please give us a call. I’ll most likely want to schedule an appointment, so I can make adjustments or do an in-office draining to make sure fluid isn’t building up.

Easing Your Drain Worries

An important fact to remember is that drains are typically only in place for a week. Drains decrease your risk of complications, speeding you on your way to the attractive results you’ll love. For proof of those great results, visit our before-and-after photo gallery. I’ll go over any and all of your questions during the pre-op appointment.

If you’re interested in starting your tummy tuck journey in Troy, NY, please contact us online or call (518) 328-3330 to request your personal consultation.

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