Vitamin C Skin Benefits

Truth Treatments Transdermal Serum & Balm

Vitamin C has been around for many years and for good reason. Known to brighten, lighten, and tighten the skin, this powerhouse ingredient increases collagen and elastin production, keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.

Vitamin C can be found in serums, moisturizers, cleansers, and essences. But many people find themselves asking what vitamin C skincare product works best. The anti-aging team at our plastic surgery practice in Latham, NY, has the answers.

What Should You Look for in a Vitamin C Product?

Finding a medical-grade high potent serum is key, although it can be quite frustrating and confusing with so many claims of products becoming the next best thing. Science and results don’t lie.

Vitamin C is a very unstable molecule and many times, if it’s not formulated appropriately, it will oxidize before it even hits the skin. Meaning money wasted and little to no results. Truth Treatment Systems’ Transdermal C Serum is formulated with the highest dose of lipophilic vitamin C, which boosts natural moisture factors in the skin and helps reduce the signs of aging.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin?

As we explain in our related blog post, antioxidants like vitamin C are known to protect against free radical cell damage and UV radiation, leaving brighter and more supple skin. The fatty acid form penetrates deep into the dermis where collagen and elastin are produced. It does this using Truth Treatment’s patented Transdermal Delivery Matrix, ensuring the highest potency reaches the correct channels of the skin.

For our bodies, having enough internal vitamin C is important for cell longevity and health, which is why it is important when we are sick. Without vitamin C internally and externally, we cannot produce collagen, which is essential in our bone and joint function and in diminishing the effects of aging. You can learn more about how vitamin C benefits your skin from Healthline.

What Are Other Benefits of Truth Treatment’s Vitamin C Serum?

Transdermal C Serum contains only 5 ingredients and is designed for all skin types and concerns. It’s suitable for even the most sensitive and acne-prone skin. This formula is non-irritating and leaves your skin looking and feeling its best while utilizing the most active and functional ingredients for excellent results.

Get your glow back and try Truth Treatments Transdermal Serum today! You can purchase the serum at our office.

Ready to learn more about how to fight the signs of aging? From options such as laser treatments to facelift surgery, we can develop a treatment plan that brings your skin goals to life. Use our online form to request a consultation at our plastic surgery practice serving the Albany and Troy, NY, area or call us at (518) 328-3330 to schedule an appointment.

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